This is a response post to the ‘Thursday Poetry Competition‘ by ‘Penable’. The topic assigned is ‘Isolation‘, and what strikes me is about finding calm in the chaos.


The dusk is here,
bidding goodbye to my usual stare.

There’s just a window,
dividing me and the outside world.

Yet, it feels like a prison,
having me as the caged bird.

I find a way, to fly,
breaking all my invisible chains.

I’m lost in deep thoughts,
budging my pen on paper.

I begin to hear deeper sounds now,
coming from an eternal world.

Sound of my pen fades;
getting stronger is a new voice.

Is it that of my heart beat,
resonating to the tunes of my mind?

I wonder how you came alive, after
being suppressed for ages!

Okay then, let me take you along, amid
ravishing mountains and relentless oceans.

I see light in its pristine form;
blessing it is, for someone from dark alleys.

From the valley’s bottom, emerges a
chirping little bird with blue feathers!

Alas! I’m not flying anymore; but
witnessing the cage again, with freedom lost.

He is here with his morning rays,
turning the soothing bird’s voice to melancholy.

Sleep seduced me earlier, but I was
insulting and intimidating him.

Now, I plead him to embrace me, for
silencing the outside world.

He abides and comforts me,
promising a more reasonable tomorrow!

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