Is it okay to be happy during a crisis?

Most of us, who aren’t currently handling public responsibilities, enjoy the quarantine though might be unwilling to admit the same.

In India, it’s been exactly a month today since the lockdown began. At a time when the entire human family is under a crisis, here are my observations on the lockdown being a welcome development in societal behaviour.

Self-analysis and lone time have made a few realise their true interpersonal behaviour. Few introverts have concluded that they aren’t so really, and look for the time when they can get out and socialize. Few extroverts feel their me-time totally impressive, and plan to get back more often.

➼ People have reaslised the importance of savings.

➼ It’s obvious that gadgets can’t entertain us the whole time. A lot of people have taken up a new hobby or have started to relish their long-abandoned one.

➼ More caution is being exercised on personal as well public hygiene.

➼ There is an increasing gesture of exhanging kind words to fellow humans, and even to plants. Our inter-dependency which we’ve ignored is finally getting noticed.

➼ People with anxiety and depression have leaned towards their family for support. Those who live alone utilize this an opportunity for self help and therapy.

➼ Multitude of kids, with parents by their side, now get to eat healthy snacks.

➼ It’s been established that we are able to survive without junk food, except those who have stocked enough for a month’s time. Getting out of home, gathering peacefully and a lot more that seemed normal few weeks ago is now appearing to be a luxury.

➼ Lots of people have come up with more productive ways to spend time with family, while also working from home. The work-life balance is getting restored.

➼ The crisis has rendered an opportunity to do our best to welcome nature that’s extending its greenery and wildlife territory. I don’t mean to say that we should stop using automobiles or stop running the industries forever. But, more importance has to be given for sustainability. Having witnessed a comparitively cleaner environment after decades, we’ll really be guilty to take it back to the worst possible way it was. So, it’s better to contribute than to regret later.

We won’t be getting such long leaves anymore, anytime soon. I wish we don’t get any with such critical reasons.

To answer the question on the title, it’s absolutely okay to be happy. So, enjoy and utilize the remaining days with pleasure and utmost safety. Keep up your mental as well physical health.

Do share in the comment section, if you’ve observed any other meaningful change in the society.

I sign off, spreading out my good will to all the frontline and supporting warriors, and the infected.


28 thoughts on “Is it okay to be happy during a crisis?

  1. While some of the people are still complaining about being stuck at home and boredom, I think it’s perfect time to reinvent yourself and learn so many things. This time has taught us so many amazing lessons which you’ve already mentioned in your post (Kudos to you for summarising these lessons in such a lovely positive post👏) . This time has also made us appreciate little things we took for granted all this time and realise what a blessed life we are living.
    I hope you’re doing well. 😊

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  2. Hello Anisha. Thank you for your interest in my blog. It is wonderful for me to connect with you all the way from my home in Canada. I think it is okay to be happy in a crisis. In fact I think happiness is a choice we should always aim for. If not happiness completely I think we should aim for a positive and grateful attitude. – best wishes – David

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    • It’s been a pleasure visiting your blog, David. I found your posts interesting, but yet to go through them patiently.

      Yeah, I agree with you. It’s all about our attitude in handling a difficult situation.

      It’s so kind of you to leave your thoughts here. Best wishes to you too!

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  3. Publishing editors do enjoy these days of solitude and me, being from the publishing industry, can vouch for it.. Yep, many have re-invented themselves and bloggers like me have started doing it a bit more frequently. Thanks..

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