Keep Your Cool!

Hey, I just came on a trip to the northern hemisphere.

I can’t fly but..

Jewels of Women

Are these the qualities that adorn and empower women?

Or, were these imposed on women to keep their voices low?

Smart – Six Word Story #1

This is my first attempt of the ‘Saturday Six Word Story Prompt’. It depicts someone immersed in an imaginary world created by books, from the views of another..

Is it okay to be happy during a crisis?

In India, it’s been exactly a month today since the lockdown began. At a time when the entire human family is under a crisis, here are my observations on the lockdown being a welcome development in societal behaviour.

World Book and Copyright Day

World Book and Copyright Day is a celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading. 23rd April is a symbolic date in world literature. More than ever, this is the right time to leverage the power of books. Grab a book tonight, and get lost in a new world!