Fervent Face of Passwords

         What comes to our minds when we think of passwords? For most of us it is like “Oh God.. What if someone cracks mine?”. This is because Passwords do more than protect data. They protect dreams, secrets, fears and even clues to troubled pasts, and for some, they serve as an everyday reminder of what matters most.

          Passwords are a very interesting gateway to personal life stories and what has been meaningful in our lives. I think we could strongly argue that the passwords we choose relate very closely to the things that matter in our lives. Verifying ourselves is something more important for every individual. They dwell around as our secret autobiographies, but only within our minds.

          Rather than ‘the birthdays of our beloved ones, our car’s number or pet’s name’, it is revealed that people who set their ambitions or short term goals through their passwords, because of its frequent usage,  are more likely to have influence on those dreams in their real life! Quite astonishing, right? For instance, there are passwords like Qu1t-Sm0kinG, G0CycL1ng, 4givSissy and so on. When this is the thing, dreams become more achievable and people also tend to change their passwords very often, shifting their focus to the next goal in life. Passwords, nowadays are,  windows to what matters to us in a personal sense.

Passwords  –>  Milestones to Measure one’s Emotions or Passions.

          This post is based on the article ‘The Secret Life of Passwords’ that was published in The New York Times Magazine in 2014.

This post was originally published on Crazy Nerds on 21st Jan, 2016.

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