Birds in Human Voices #4

I’m grateful that you’ve put my egg safely back into the nest, when I was busy searching for food. I gotta be more careful of my neighboring foes.

I owe you a present. I leave one of my feathers. Please keep it as a token of love.

P.S.: This is the egg  of a blue flinch. I didn’t get to see the bird after it has laid eggs.

40 thoughts on “Birds in Human Voices #4

  1. This is beautiful, she must have left the place. Last year in Monsoon, Bulbul laid her eggs in a planter that I hanged on the ceiling. After a month or so, the couple was nowhere to be found. We didn’t get to see their younglings. May be they left. I’ll read more about their nesting pattern. The emerald blue egg looks pretty, shining like a gem.

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    • Yes Pragathi, she has left the place. Still, I get to see many flinches around.

      It’s a pleasure to know about the bulbul. Did you recognise the type of bulbul?
      Putting up efforts to read on their nesting pattern is appreciative. Do write a post on that if you have read it.

      And, thank you for stopping by!

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  2. Good to hear that you still see them around. Yes, I did recognise them. It was a red vented Bulbul couple. Quite dexterous in nature. Surprisingly, they weren’t threatened by our presence unlike other birds. I’m surely going to write a post on their behaviour and nesting pattern. Thank you, have a wonderful day ahead.

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