Do We Enjoy Sadness?

Days are gone when people had smiling faces wherever we turn.

Don’t we smile anymore? We do.
But is it always real, or the smile is a mask that hides our sorrows to the outer world? For most people, it is a mask.

Sadness has become an overwhelming emotion at present times.

We read sad novels and find pleasure in its essence; ponder over its characters even after finishing the novel.

We listen to sad music and get mesmerized in the lyrics. We even have a sad playlist and play them even when we aren’t upset.

We turn through the pages of our good old days and grief suddenly clutches. Only God knows how happy memories turn into distressing remembrances.

There’s pleasure even within sadness.

Otherwise, why do we consciously prefer such pursuits?

Must only be because, our subconscious self enjoys them.

As people say there’s good in every bad, do we really enjoy sadness?


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