Birds in Human Voices #1


Maybe my man is more handsome.

Yet my self worth is too high.

 – Peahen

P.S.: Sorry for the poor click

7 thoughts on “Birds in Human Voices #1

    • I’m moved by your kind words.

      Yeah, I love the concept too, but I’m in shortage of photographs for continuing this series 😝. I most often click only flowers, oceans or sky. I’m actually wondering what to do next. Maybe, I have a maximum of 2-3 more pictures for this.

      I’m pleased that you’ve read all of them. There’s more for animals and few generalistic objects too, Aishwarya. They’re available under Picture Phrases category in the desktop version. If you’re interested, do check them whenever you are free.

      Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot! ❤💞

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