Transitions – Part of Life Cycle

The following are the phases of transitions I’ve witnessed so far in me or my closer circle.

Context: Clothing
What seems to be normal when we were kids
turns out old-fashioned in teens
and becomes ‘trendy’ in our twenties, only with slight alterations.

Context: Social Life
As kids, we played in grounds and streets.
The entry of smart devices made us mum inside closed doors.
We are now back to getting ourselves out through volunteering and societies.

Context: Food Habits
We once had healthy natural food as the regular meal intake
which was replaced later by junk.
Then we go back to boasting diet and planning to get back as per the words of dietician.

Context: Music
We used to play antakshari and record/listen to songs played on radio.
Afterwards, we engulfed into headsets with Play Music to listen and Smule to sing.
We, or at least few of us, reach a stage where we quit all social media out of frustration and go into peace mode.

Context: Physical Activity
Few decades back, no exercise was required as there were lots of physical work.
Elevators, computers and other devices made our day.
Finally, we’re back to stage 1 by hitting the gym and road for a walk or ride.

Context: Personal Life
Problems were shared with your big family to get solutions.
Later on, we kept them within ourselves and mourned for days.
Now there are counselors readily available and we’re ready to share our mysteries or confusions with a third person.

These transitions are what we are going(or, have gone) through as kids, teens and young adults. This can also be attributed to the mindset of the entire generation.

We’ve been fed right. Yet we decided to go with the flow, experience the flaws ourselves and then get back to what was already right in a slightly morphed way. We tend to realize the value of what we’ve missed only after its loss.

We are presently like..

We have our own rights and wrongs.
We’ll own them only after a testing phase.

Such transitions have brought in many difficulties. However, as experiences, they are sweet and cherishable.

Keep smiling!

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