LIFE – Irony

​Pops out to be published after long wait in drafts.

Saturday night.. movie. Sounds monotonous, right?

But when a single word in the movie sweeps you away, you end up thinking quite a lot actually. Made me pause the movie and end up here in the blog (To be exact, in the email drafts).

Life is not a movie. 

There’s no THE END here.

With every end, begins a new phase. Ends may be disheartening or filled with achievements. On the former scene, we take a lesson and move on with a lighter note. On the latter, we are pushed from within to strive for more. ​​

For me, the above said is life. For few others, it varies. For them, life might be a movie where they can film their own climax.

Yet Another Irony of Life!

Perspectives differ. But never just run behind those milestones that you consider as success. See that you are happy through the journey and are using the right means to travel.


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