What does a comeback feel like?

Comebacks aren’t planned but are made in the moment.

When things were pretty dark for quite long, comeback feels something like a spotlight.

It isn’t either win or lose. It’s something that makes one feel complete. It’s really delightful when you get the answers for what you’ve been searching or striving at a stretch, for years.

Any comeback doesn’t exist without a setback.

Be it an achievement, a person, sort of financial state, or a memory, Comeback is always a good thing to embrace. 

It reveals the significance to conquer our own inner demons. It makes one apprehend that all dwells with our mind.

We just can’t predict how long this moment of joy stays, but a comeback brings forth the difficult roads crossed and most importantly helps realize the value of what seemed to have lost. Supposing there’s yet another setback anytime in future, you’ll always know your self-worth and handle the situation with patience. Even when there’s pain within, you’ll know nothing is lost and get back to create your own world of joy.

Everyone loves a comeback story. It’s one of the most difficult things but a great feeling.

4 thoughts on “What does a comeback feel like?

  1. beyondimagination25 says:

    Great piece of writing….Must watch Rush 2013 movie, SpaceX documentary and Steve Jobs movies they are perfect examples of comebacks.


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