Republic Day 2019

I wish all Indians a Happy Republic Day. Republic Day is celebrated every year to honour the day on which the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950.

Three years back, when I had just started this blog, I remember posting republic day doodles. Back then, I had no idea on what would happen in the coming years. But last year, this same day was quite memorable for me as I saw the mesmerizing event in New Delhi, standing there among the crowd amidst cold air and lots of cheerful sounds.

For me,  it’s been a special day

  • we remember the armed forces, admire their dedication & training levels for such a wonderful parade. Not only do they stay dedicated for this event, but through their entire service. I guess this must have been a proud moment for them.

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  • we are able to see the cultural diversity of entire India in just around 3 hours.

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  • we witness the military might of the forces.

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For the first time in history, too may leaders were invited for the 2018’s Republic Day and so was considered the most significant exposition so far. Leaders of 10 ASEAN Nations (Association of Southeast Asian Nations – members: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) witnessed the parade – that showcases India’s military might – as chief guests.

ASEAN leaders with Indian PM at the Republic Day Ceremony of India in 2018.

After the ceremony, we reached our place by metro. It was good to see a woman pilot there. The memories of the day ended with a late lunch.

Though these events are recorded here a year later after I experienced them, they still stay fresh at heart and will ever.

Cheers to all!

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