Squirrel Appreciation

Going by fun calendar, Jan 21 is marked as Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Squirrel is one of my favourite animals. Though I do not pet any (I don’t want to interfere in their freedom), I just love them. I’d like to share few of my unforgettable encounters with squirrels.


It was a training programme at school for an upcoming competitive exam in my grade 8. It must have been 2008. There were hardly anyone present at school as it was a Sunday. Few of them left to their homes to have lunch.

There were few others including me, eating under the tree. There was this squirrel which was playing there, jumping from branch to branch and tree to tree. We even placed some of our food for it to eat in the corner of that place. After a while, it was quite sad to see that it had fallen from some tree and was struggling for life. We dripped few drops of water into its mouth. But very soon, it left the world. Out of pity for this little creature, we dug the soil and buried it under that same tree.


The next one to share was an incident at my friend’s place. A squirrel was eating ‘achu murukku’ (a South-Indian snack) that we left on the terrace. Here’s a clipping on the same.

Converted .mp4 to .gif using https://ezgif.com/video-to-gif


Another time – at my college during the final year. There was a nest over the classroom’s board. We thought it was a bird’s nest and left it undisturbed. The same day, we found it was that of a squirrel when we saw a mother squirrel feeding its little one. After that, we didn’t see its mother coming to feed (The windows also remain closed after we leave the classroom. So the mother couldn’t have entered at night). At times, the little squirrel also fell from its nest. So we placed the nest and the squirrel safely at a place near the curtains. We fed it for 2 days with some rice and water. Unfortunately, it had died on the 3rd day when we entered the class in the morning. It was one other sad memory of squirrel. We didn’t know if it was loss of love from its mom or the wrong food for a little one.


The last one is at my home. My home is almost like a park and resting place for squirrels. There are a lot roaming around on almost all fruit bearing plants and trees.

Squirrel eating rice at my terrace (A regular scene in the morning)
Another one getting up in a climber.

I guess they enjoy quite more than me in my home.

Thanks to these lovely little creatures who roam around making me smile.

And for all those who’ve come till the end, there’s a perk.
Jan 22, tomorrow, is ‘Celebration of Life‘ Day in the fun calendar.

Celebrate Life! Cheers!

Dates mentioned in an early post: https://crazienerds.wordpress.com/2016/01/22/235/

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  1. Vishnu Prasad MJ says:

    Excellent Anisha !

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