Turning Negative Emotions into Positive Vibes

Anger, Fear, Sadness and Guilt – People construe these as negative emotions. That’s true to some extent. But most often these emotions are what that keep us alive. These are most important in the sense that they can help create positive vibes in our living environment, if we give it  a try. When you are drowning out hope and when those feelings are overwhelming, here’s how you can feel great about them.

  • Unless there is anger, we might not have understood what being calm is or might not have driven up-to this level to prove those rivals wrong.
  • Unless there is fear, we might not have understood what being careful is all about.
  • Unless there is sadness, we might not have understood what showing empathy is.
  • Unless there is guilt, we might not have understood what suffering costs and so might have happily hurt others.

Make stable efforts to feel this way, which is a little off-stream, and control your own actions. Also, don’t let these emotions run unchecked.

And finally, let me share a proven psychological trick.


When you are upset or emotionally stuck, indulge yourself in some logical activity like interpreting a crossword, cracking a mini-mystery puzzle or solving a Rubik’s cube. This is because the human brain can’t act emotional and logical at the same time. 


This can prove useful when you want to relax yourself without sharing your mind with someone at inappropriate times.

Stay Cool. Surround yourself with positive Vibes. Good luck!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Vishnu prasad says:

    Great to read.Feeling positive and Motivated.Thank U 👍

    Keep Inspiring Crazy Nerds.


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