When You Lose a Person for Lifetime..

The pain of losing a significant person in our life and surviving the loss is an unbearable sensation. The depth of this resentment may prevail from days to years.

Such loss may be due to the changing environs – wherein we shift to new places owing to our job or relationship commitments – or due to a broken bond of friendship, or at the extreme, due to death. In each of these cases, the feeling that engulfs us is the overwhelming self-pity. Our body and mind do not tend to trace any path away from the oscillating thoughts of that lost one, resulting in distress over and over.

But what do we get out of that? Most often, it’s a lesson for life. This lesson plays a vital role in designing the newer dimension to the life ahead us.

Suppose we get back the person after mending hearts back, a fresh future awaits where  previous mistakes can’t sprout into issues. Keep only those good memories close and intense as they were before. In case a person is lost out of a broken bond or death, what we still have are those beautiful memories cherished together, and the experiences gained out of our acquaintance. These are evergreen imprints that none can take away even with the person’s loss.

To fall in love is awfully simple,
but to fall out of love is simply awful,

– Bess Myerson

This is especially true if you are the one who wanted the relationship to last. It’s obvious that one can’t just forget that person who has given so much to remember.

But the pain that comes from within should not hold us back from reaching our goals. Dig your strengths and develop them. It is very much essential to drive an energetic life by going through it and certainly not around it. Laugh your heart out, but do not try to withhold tears – instead, shed them. Create a new world!


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