Boon for Developers – The Blisk Browser

When that comes to browser, we just think it’s something that helps us retrieve information from the web and most often nothing more. But there’s a browser that has been unfolded with a different intention. It’s named Blisk .

Blisk is an out-of-box browser released in May 2016 that aids web developers. Its user interface is similar to that of Google Chrome.

Then, what’s special about it? The Blisk browser has inbuilt emulated devices that include a variety of phones and tablets. The user can turn the emulated mode on or off. When switched on, the developer can preview the developed websites on different devices.


Thus, the browser ensures cross-device compatibility by allowing developers to test web projects at a single place, without jumping to multiple devices. The developers can also view how their elements are aligned in different devices when scrolling.


Bug trackers that informs the user of script errors and resources that failed to load, and built-in web page analytics are added features. Blisk browser is also certified to be clean, i.e., free of any malware. Another advantage is that this browser has an auto-refresh feature, that whenever there is a change in your code, the preview is automatically updated.

The browser that’s currently available only for Windows is planned to launch for iOS and Linux based machines too in the near future.



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