Turning Point in 20s when you Understand what Life is

Trying to become independent is a serious controversial issue of almost every youth. This is the stage when I’m about to step out of the college life into the real world. And, in fact, many of my friends are leaving before me.

When we had a funny chat recently, the topic our convo ended up was ‘Life’. The questions included were…

  • Will we ever meet again?
  • Can we manage stuff all alone?
  • Can we face the world ?
  • Will we satisfy the expectations that people look at us with?

A lot more can be added to this list.

Even I was confused when this happened. But something has to make the life move on, right? I just thought upon what might be the solution for this. There will be a lot of people around us to just poke us with their dreams, expectations or advises. But what matters the most is Our Own Instincts. What do think you will become, is the most important.

So, this is my thought. Being happy is not a part of ‘Life’s Contest’. We are responsible for our own happiness and state of mind. It doesn’t mean we should neglect people around us. But we should be able to control our emotions. Getting onto a different track is an obvious unavoidable change in life.

At the point of getting into a new phase, try to accept things and adapt to them. May be this is difficult. When we do, things will seem better than they’ve been before and we’ll feel good too.

When people need you and you say that you are busy, always remember that it is just an excuse. Whatever situation you may be in, if you feel something important, you’ll certainly spend time for it – be it something or someone.

The greatest success in life, both personal and professional, is when you have time for everything you were doing and have time for everything you still have to do. 

When this happens, we’ll never miss anything that we love, whether it’s in the past or the future. Find new friends, explore your passion, and stay in touch with those who still feel you exist. At the same time, never miss your regular chores.

We may feel like spending time alone or to avoid people. Staying away won’t be the solution ever. At times that might even exaggerate the problem. So, dare to follow your own path. Embrace those who have loved and embraced you throughout the journey.

Stay Reliable, Trustworthy and Crazy Forever 😉

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