Loosen Up, Lighten Up!

Nov 14th of the Fun Calendar is marked “Loosen Up – Lighten Up” Day. Sounds Rhyming! Let me just call this as LuLu Day in short. What’s special about this day?

Almost everyday of our lives keeps on moving normal. We too knowingly or unknowingly become a part of the rat race crowd. And so this day emphasizes to Have A Break. It doesn’t mean you have to get off your shoes of responsibility to celebrate.

Just take this day as an offer to look at the regular happenings around you in a new perspective. De-stress yourself. If you are ignored or feel that you couldn’t complete a task within the deadline, just let it go. As people say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, That one sign of grief or anger on your beautiful face isn’t gonna change things around you immediately. Things will surely fall back at the right place at the right time.

Accept the realities with a Smile.

Stop. Have a look Around. Cherish your companions with greetings. Laugh heartily. Drive free of pain and worries. It is also said the Earth is to encounter the closest arrival of our celestial companion Moon after a long period of 68 years, on this special day. Take snaps and gather memories.  Dedicate your smile to #Lulu Day!

Loosen Up! Lighten Up!


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