Under Promise – Over Deliver!!

We all make Promises at different stages of our Life. Though that’s a very simple task, keeping up those are really very difficult. May be you promise something when you are at cloud nine. But it doesn’t end there. Any promise is meant forever.

A mom promises her children for gifts. Enterprises promise their customers for satisfaction in delivery. Athletes swear to perform their peak to win a game for their team. Most of us hold some untold self goals to keep ourselves motivated. In any relationship, promises are something that build on trust, be it on a goal or a person.

When they are not fulfilled, the chain of dreams breaks. To avoid such situations, here’s a simple Mantra for life..

When you are high, Keep it Low!!

It’s that commitment you hold on to, even long after the mood you were in, when promising the stuff, had left you. So, make promises only when your intuition says you can bring your words into fruition. This can ensure that any hearts are not wounded! Stay reliable by delivering more than what you promised.

Under Promise – Over Deliver!!


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