Stepping into Adulthood ¿

Almost most of us would never accept we are turning adults. Why do people turn sore on hearing the term Adulthood? Is that because adulthood reveals our age? May be at times! This may also be the reason why we often don’t celebrate our Birthdays when we cross twenties.

But in Reality.. Adulthood actually doesn’t have anything to do with our age. It’s purely based on one’s frame of mind. Here are some scenarios where we may have the sensation of stepping into adulthood and realize our activities quite mature.

♥ When you value people more than things

♥ When you let someone else wins

♥ When you can laugh at yourself

♥ When you speak with confidence what goes on inside you

♥ When you start valuing your physical fitness

♥ When you drink less in a party

♥ When you feel ashamed to ask money from your parents

♥ When you can admit you were wrong

♥ When you realize perfection is not a requirement for love

♥ When you use the phrase ‘When I was your age’ for the first time

♥ When you accept the roads of life are not always smooth

♥ When you realize closing off your heart is worse than death

♥ When you start paying bills you didn’t bother about earlier

♥ When you do good things when no one is watching

♥ When you know how to lose

♥ When you know when to shut up

♥ When you try to understand the rival’s view

♥ When you are ready to accept the responsibility of your actions, whether good or bad

♥ When you are not swayed by other’s opinions

♥ When you give something you like to someone else, just to see them happy

♥ When you admire Nature or enjoy a holiday after a tiresome week

♥ When you feel being there for the people who matter to you is more than anything

♥ When you ACTUALLY LIVE every moment, because you know it will not last forever.

So, age is no indication that we are becoming adults. It is when we understand and embrace the harvests of our own deeds. Stay Active and Young Forever just like a child though you step into adulthood now and then !


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