The Couch Lover

Many people have strange addictions, things that they cannot resist. Mine are two: chocolates and couches. There is nothing as good as the comforting smell of a leather couch and its tender caress when we come back home after an exhausting day. There are numerous occasions in which I fall asleep there and my bed gets angry with me. So I have decided to dedicate this post to my fellow couch lovers.

I find my bored self occasionally going couch surfing (no not in the travelling sense, but surfing the web for couches). I have decided to contribute some of these which I love:

  1. The classic lady in white
  2. The not so creepy exotic tiger
  3. Somehow this reminds me of bubble wrap
  4. The glow in the dark couch
  5. I do not know what this is but I like it
  6. El Dracula
  7. Poor man’s couch
  8. The back of my car couch
  9. The unicorn
  10. And finally.. the Alligator

PS: My couch is simple black leather .

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