The Flight Fiasco

It’s been way too long since our last blog post. I’ve been a little busy with college. A lot has happened last month. Remember the horrible video I posted? I actually got selected. So, I traveled to Bangalore to the Google office there. I was really nervous about going alone by flight. So, I arrived at the airport, went through the security checks and was waiting patiently at the gate pretending like it was my thousandth flight. I happened to meet another single passenger. She was in her mid sixties, used a wheelchair and is very very talkative. By the time my flight left I knew about her entire family and had taught her what WhatsApp is.

As our flight was getting ready for departure, one of the tyres got ruptured and they said that the next flight would be at 10:30 pm on the next day. I was  going crazy. It was 10.30 at night, I’m in a city far away from home, I can’t go back to my college. So, I called my dad informed him of the situation, and booked a bus for 11:30 pm to go to Bangalore. But then, I was not allowed to leave the airport because my tagged luggage was there. Then finally, they said that another fight will be arriving to pick us up at 2:30 am. Now,I had to cancel my bus ride! So there we were, around fifty people sitting alone in the middle of the night in a closed airport. Soon, people started sharing their food and snacks since all of us were hungry and all shops were closed.

Then, the flight arrived. I was so exhausted by all this that I forgot that I was nervous. When the flight arrived, I went aboard, put on my seat belt and slept like a baby. The air hostess woke me up when the flight landed. Now, I had to reach my hotel, but then that’s another story  😉

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