Perfect Girl

Re-reading something I love…

Haruki Murakami holds the power to enthrall me with his words.

Just by using a simple, sentence he transports his readers to a completely new dimension. Obsession isn’t a strong enough word to explain what I feel about his writing . Since my exams are over, I decided to relax by re-reading a few of his works. It still gets to me like the first time. Maybe he holds magic in his pen. A web that pulls me in like a whirlpool into  an unending abyss .

I was reading his short story about how he met his 100 percent perfect girl. I love the way he describes her.

Just perfect.

He doesn’t remember how her nose looks, he doesn’t say that she was an extraordinary beauty, just that she was perfect for him. He has a  sense of rumbling in his chest, a deep yearning. And when he was inquired what he did after that, he simply says ,”Just passed her on the street”.

He goes through potential scenarios in his mind , a series of what ifs. How should I speak to her? explain that its fate that we met?

He takes a few steps and she’s lost to him forever in the crowd. Then he tells the tale of the boy and the girl who were perfect for each other, how they lost each other because of a little doubt.

And finally he says ,”That’s what I should have said to her”.

What do you think you would have done if you came across your 100 percent perfect person??

Would you have asked them out for coffee? Or tell them that it was fate that you met? Or simply pass by, too busy with the modern world ?

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