SUBMARINE (#BLENDER experience 2.0)

It has been a while since I did my first project on blender. I will be doing a rough model of the Beatles submarine. Unlike my previous posts,I plan on giving comments step by step this time. However you should know the basics of the blender interface and the various views. So, here we go!

The first step is adding the image of the submarine as background.

Screenshot (44).png

This is how the submarine looks. Now, we are going to design it to an awesome 3D model.

After adding the image a two dimensional circle is added with 20 vertices. This circle is then extruded to form a cylindrical shape and scaled to resemble a ring.

Screenshot (45)

This process is repeated numerous times in the front and back to firm the basic submarine structure. Note that the base image is visible only in the left view.

Screenshot (46)

Finish the other side to get a result similar to this:

Screenshot (47)

Now we are going to make the rudder look classy ! Use box selection to move the vertices of the rudder and move it back using the green transform widget.

Screenshot (49)
This is how it loos in three dimensional view.

Screenshot (50)
To form the front tip, extrude them and merge them using “merge” button in the left toolbar

Screenshot (51)
Now, add a cylinder at the top with 12 vertices. The cylinder is then moved in the left view and placed on top of our submarine.It is scaled down and adjusted to form a pipe. This is done by a series of extrusions and rotations of the vertices

Screenshot (52)

Now, add a pane near the rudder with y-axis at 90 degrees.Align the plane at the center of the rudder.

Screenshot (53)
We are going to create a propeller from a cylinder by dislocating its vertices and attaching it to the back of our submarine. Smoothing of the texture is done and finally we can color our submarine in whatever we wish even a hideous yellow!

Screenshot (55)

So, now our submarine is finished. Try out and mail them to us!

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